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Handicap Doubles Finals Day

Our Handicap Doubles Tournament, organised and managed by Corni, started back in January with a round-robin league followed by semi-finals.

The event culminated at the weekend with two finals matches taking place. First up was the Ladies Doubles match which was a battle of the Mothers & Daughters. Sheila and Dani Sen came out on top beating Katarina and Hannah Bunce 6-1, 6-4.

This was followed by the Mixed Doubles final which was a closely fought battle that went to a 3rd set Championship tie break. Raji Sharma-Drake and Kevin Uwins eventually ran out winners 7-6, 4-6, 1-0 (10-2).

Sadly, due to injury, the men’s doubles event couldn’t take place. The winners by default were Max Hill and David Udazialuri so congratulations to them both!

A big thanks to Corni for also umpiring on the day, plus photographers Martin, Andy and Pauline.

The popularity of this tournament is that handicapping system is designed to level the playing field by giving players of different skill levels an equal chance of winning. So a great job was done by Corni and Roger in setting those handicaps. The main benefits of this style of tournament are

  • Inclusivity: Allows players of all skill levels to compete meaningfully.
  • Motivation: Encourages participation from lower-ranked players who have a realistic chance to win.
  • Competitive Matches: Creates more balanced and exciting matches.
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