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Over the last two years the tennis club has entered into Junior competitions in both summer and winter leagues. This came about after we had a continuous high number of young members wanting play for junior teams. Therefore we felt we were able to represent the Tennis Club to a good standard.

We began by entering a couple of teams but have increased that to 6 for this summer’s competition. There are 2-4 players per group with each group playing between 3-5 matches. There are qualifying matches after each group stage. Within each match, the juniors play a singles match followed by a doubles match.

When we started with our first competition you could see our players had very little experience, but as the competitions have gone by, the children are getting more confident and more competitive! With some of them winning their matches. There is a lot of organisation that goes on in the competitions, but to see the juniors improve and enjoy the matches makes it all worth while.

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