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Tournaments are run for members throughout the year for all ages and abilities.

Club Tournaments 2020

These are held every year for full members of the club and are in 3 categories: Open, Veterans and Handicap.

Open & Veterans competitions:
These are conventional knock-out tournaments, played over the best of 3 sets and take place throughout the summer. You must submit an entry form for these and the tournament secretary will arrange the draw. This will be sent to all entrants and also be displayed in the club house. Players are requested to complete each round by a specified date. The finals are played over one of 2 weekends in July and August – details of this year’s competitions can be found in the tables below.

Handicap competitions:
These are also knockout events but the stronger players are handicapped by the scoring system which aims to ensure a broadly equal chance for all players and an opportunity for the lower ranked players to progress far in the competition. The finals are played over a weekend in September – details of this year’s competitions can be found in the table below.

See also reviews of the Finals’ Weekends under Tournament News.





Use the links below to view previous winners, both recent and not so recent!


Social Tournaments 2020

These are fun, themed day events (usually a Sunday afternoon) and are open to improver as well as full members. They still have a competitive edge but the emphasis is on having fun and socialising with other players – refreshments are usually included!

Singles Box League

A popular singles box league runs throughout the year except during the busy Summer tournament period. It is open to male and female player, both improver and full members. Players are placed into leagues of 5 and play a standard 2 set match (with 3rd set championship tie breaker if needed) against the other 4 players over a period of a couple of months. Results are emailed to the organiser and/or put on the noticeboard in the clubhouse. Promotions and relegations take place at the end of every running of the tournament.

It’s a great way to increase singles play at the club while improving your game.

Players are requested to book a court especially during busy periods.

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