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Winning team and coaches

Christmas Tournament and Dinner

On Sunday we hosted our annual Christmas tournament (has it really been a year since the last one?!)

As ever it was a popular event with 31 participants taking part, followed by over 60 for the sit down Christmas meal. Always a great way to kick off the count down to Christmas.

The tennis was played in the spirit for which the club is known – fun and social. Everybody who braved the cold had a fantastic time – this was partly helped by Len and Mary’s half time mulled wine and mince pie break!

Well done to the winning team of the Gold W’s, expertly managed by Judith.

We’re looking forward to next year’s tournament already!

Member of the Year award
Last year’s winner Sally-Ann presented this year’s award. She thanked those people who took the time to send their nominations which was a record amount:
The nominations were:
Mary Claremont, Peter Cox, Mirjana Calic, Keith Claxton, Kevin Uwins and Veronique Fletcher
However the Winner was Corneliu Rimboiu with am outstanding 16 votes. Here are some reasons that were given by members for their decision: 
“…for his enthusiasm, commitment and all the work he’s done for the club this year.”
“…he has been very active in organising events and tournaments throughout the year. And he’s a very nice, friendly, and encouraging chap”
“…for his enthusiastic, happy approach, and for organising tournaments…… and buying pizza for all!”
“…for his superb organisation of the tournaments and box league.”
Member of the year 2022
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