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New Clay Courts Installed

New Clay Courts Installed

Following a vote by members to convert 3 of our existing 6 hard courts to a new artificial clay surface rather than refurbish them, installation took place during March. The courts are still bedding themselves in but initial comments from members are still largely positive. Over time it is expected that they will play more consistently with the other 3 clay courts.

Thanks goes out to Jim who was instrumental in researching the courts and overseeing their installation.

Here’s some further information about the courts from Jim:

Advantage RedCourt All-weather tennis courts 4,5,6 installed by Trevor May Contractors.

Our new courts combine the playing characteristics and appearance of clay with the benefits of an all-weather playing surface.

As with traditional clay courts, play takes place on an unbound surface. Players can therefore develop and slide in a controlled motion, allowing coverage of the whole court area with reduced effort and less stress on joints and ligaments.

With near year-round playability, Advantage RedCourt allows play to be conducted on an ideal tennis playing surface in comfort and with minimal maintenance.

Regular sweeping after play with drag mats will maintain the pristine appearance of the playing surface and eliminate bad bounces for the following players. Excess infill should be swept off the white play lines with the line sweepers thus achieving a very visible and clear line. After rain the drag mats should not be used as the wet clay is scraped off the surface and is then dumped in ever increasing piles, at the hanging station. The brooms are ideal when the surface is wet as are the line sweepers in both wet and dry conditions.

The new clay granules are different and are less rounded than on clay courts 1,2,3 thus giving better grip with a less slippery footing. Eventually all 6 courts will be topped up with this new clay infill.

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