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The Dan Maskell Tennis Trust – Our Charity Of The Year

The Dan Maskell Tennis Trust – Our Charity of the Year

THE DAN MASKELL TENNIS TRUSTWe have decided to donate proceeds from this year’s social events and tournaments including the 24 hour tennis marathon, to The Dan Maskell Tennis Trust.

It is a tennis charity raising funds for people with disabilities and is named after the late Dan Maskell “The Voice of Wimbledon”.

The charity’s particular interest is in creating opportunities and supporting disabled people who want to play tennis.

Over the years they have helped hundreds of individuals, clubs and groups to access and provide tennis for disabled people. This is done by providing specialist wheelchairs for individuals, clubs, special schools and centres running disability programmes.

We are very proud that one of our members, Noel McShane, is a trustee of the charity. Our annual Wheelchair Tennis tournament that Noel arranges will be taking place at the beginning of September.

We will inform members at the end of the year of how much money has been raised for this worthwhile charity. In the meantime, do keep an eye of the tennis social events and tournaments events that we are running.

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