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Wheelchair Tournament

Wheelchair Tournament

Our annual wheelchair tournament was held on Sunday 4 September – Noel had arranged for 6 players to take part in a round-robin tournament followed by a final.

The weather was perfect and the spectators were treated to an afternoon of exceptionally high standard of tennis, although unfortunately our own Noel McShane was eliminated in the round robin stage along with Pat Seward.

A superb ploughman’s lunch was provided by Ann Pritchard and there was a plentiful supply of tea and cakes throughout the afternoon. Thanks to all who helped on this occasion.

The finalists were Mab Hussein (Birmingham) & Geoff Ellis (Portsmouth) who defeated Steve Crompton (Southampton) & Tim Risby (Wanstead) 6-4, 6-3.

Trophies were presented by the Chairman, Paul Snell, and Jill Stanton, President.

Also thanks to Roy Ranger who did a great job in umpiring – with a little help (and heckling!) from the players and spectators who gently reminded him that there is a two-bounce rule in wheelchair tennis!

All the players look forward to coming to Ashford again next year and would like to thank everyone for their support in this event.

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