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Multi Format Fun Tournament 2015

Multi Format Fun Tournament 2015

Sunday saw many of the newer members of the club who have come through Matt’s Beginner/Improver coaching courses, mixing in with some of the longer standing members to take part in a fun multi format tournament held in very pleasant playing conditions.

The format was based on some styles of tennis games played throughout the history of tennis. Keith explained the format to the 4 teams prior to each game. One of the most popular games was a ‘3 a side’ format which posed many challenges to the players!

The Green team captained by Gary ended up the winners by a single point – the rest of the team were Manish, Wendy, Claire, Lorraine and Elias.

Many thanks to those who took part and everyone seemed not only to enjoy themselves but got to meet some other members of the club for the first time. Thanks too, as always with these tournaments to Keith who did a fantastic job in running the event.

Click on the pic below for photos from the afternoon…

Multi Format Fun Tournament 2015

Keep an eye out for future tournaments.

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