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24 Hour Tennis Marathon

24 hour Tennis Marathon

On Sunday, the 22nd of July, the 24 hour tennis marathon was successfully completed and the money raised currently stands at over £1,600.00!

We kicked the day off with our first Facebook live video reaching out to our families and friends (Abbie and Charlie were watching online, too) and then off we went. It was nice to see that the sign-up sheet had filled up quickly and a lot of different people turned up over the course of 24 hours. Several subsequent Facebook videos were made during the night/next morning and if you are keen to see Gary Clements show off his dance moves search for Roger’s Facebook page. If you have more spare time on your hands, you might even spot an interesting exercise routine featuring Martin Williams!

It has been a wonderful chance to raise money for Sam Beare Hospice and Charlie. The task that we faced was nothing in comparison to the challenges that cancer presents to many families. It definitely has been an occasion of reflection as proved by the many conversations that people have had next to the marathon banner showing how many of us are affected by cancer.

The support we received from everyone has been overwhelmingly positive and we are grateful to everyone who supported us, donated, made teas and coffees, and brought various foods and also to those who were there just to cheer us up. It would not have been the same without all of you, so a massive thank you goes out to the Ashford tennis club community that has once again turned up and delivered.


We are still collecting donations, so if you would like to chip in to support our causes, you are most welcome.
Roger is collecting money for Sam Beare hospice, the club’s charity of the year. You can contribute towards his cause here:
Anda is raising money to support Charlie, an 8 year old with brain cancer. The link to donate is here:

Anda & Roger

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